Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Personal Reflection (8th June 2011)

1. I choose this project because.....
2. My role in the group .....
3. Challenges encountered when working on this project. how the group overcome the challenges?
4. Through this project, i discover.....
5. As an individual, how i have benefited from SST-NTU flagship programme?
6. My Aspirations...

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Our Gains (7th June 2011)

1. Discuss how the project has helped to deepen your understanding/ broaden your awareness on the selected discipline.
2. Describe how the new learning can be connected to what you learnt/ are going to learn.

Our Accomplishment

The TEAM interacting with NTU leaders.

The TEAM hard at work

Our Product

The bicycle is mount onto a structure and its tyre must be connected to the dynamo. The bicycle is pedaled to turn and maintain the speed of 2700 to 3100rpm, reaching a voltage of 13 to 15V to charge the 12V car battery. A diode is used in the circuit to prevent the back flow of the current.

SST-NTU Flagship Programme: THE TEAM


Introduction: Applied Challenge Project

Project Title
Battery Charging from Bi-cycle Pedal Power

This project is started when a group of young innovators travelled for a humanitarian work in a small undeveloped village in Baray, Cambodia.The group realised that the villagers is denied of accessing clean water and electricity is expensive, thus they decided to design and create a device which can be used to charge a battery which can be used by the village.

The group made some observations and realised that the villagers are high in stamina and they are very fit as they walk to travel from places to places.Taking considerations of their observations, the group decided to make use of a bicycle to turn a dynamo to charge a 12V battery.

In this challenge, the pupils will learn about the working principles of a dynamo, battery charging/discharging procedures and electrical elements required for the project.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Individual Reflection: SST-NTU Flagship Programme (6th June 2011)

Record down what you have learnt from each plenary session.
1. Importance of Water: Dirty and Clean,
2. Revolution of Microelectronics Technology,
3. Innovation breakthroughs in Nano-Science and Nano- Technology,
4. IT for Animation,
5. Disappearing glaciers, Rising sea levels and why gravity is more important than you think.

Identify one plenary session that leaves the deepest impression. Support your choice with reasons.